Internationalization of the Open Hybrid LabFactory: Target Region Asia-Pacific

In cooperation with international partners, the Open Hybrid LabFactory is expanding its competencies in the field of hybrid and function-integrated lightweight engineering design. Since January 2018, the focus is on collaborations with strong, international research networks from the Asia-Pacific region. The initiation of the partnerships is made possible by a funding measure of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The attractive target region Asia-Pacific is characterized by dynamic economic development and is increasingly establishing itself in cutting-edge research. The aim of the project is to develop new fields of application for the materials and processes being researched in the Open Hybrid LabFactory, as well as to complement the know-how accumulated in Wolfsburg.

The funding will initially consist of a two-year design phase. This enables the Open Hybrid LabFactory to identify complementary partners for joint research projects in the Asia-Pacific region via on-site scoutings. The activities are also organizationally anchored in the Open Hybrid LabFactory by the establishment of a new internationalization management board division.

During the subsequent three-year implementation phase, up to three cooperation projects will be initiated with funding of up to EUR 1 million per year. The specific projects of the implementation phase are being developed with the participation of research and industry members of the Open Hybrid LabFactory and a comparable international network. The partnerships will be intensified by networking measures such as staff exchanges and the promotion of student theses.


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