Atmospheric Plasma Plant

Practical Relevance

  • Need-based surface pretreatment for adhesive bonding, painting or sealing


Florian Holze
Phone +49 5361 8 90 24 524
Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V

Technical Data

  • Cost-efficient, need-based functionalisation of fibres and semi-finished fibre products for improved wettability, impregnation and fibre- matrix-adhesion
  • Universal process for various materials, e.g. polymer, carbon, glass or natural fibres, metals and polymer materials
  • Inline-capable, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly plasma processing at atmospheric pressure
  • Application oriented use of different plasma sources, e.g. dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), atmospheric pressure plasma jets (APPJs) etc.
  • Scalable technology for varying the treatment area and processing velocity
  • Various process gases and deposition precursors for appropriate plasma based cleaning, activation and functionalization of surfaces