Dynamic Testing

Biaxial testing machines with torsion drive (Zwick, 250 kN, 2000 Nm)

Practical Relevance

  • Determination of characteristic values ​​as a basis for simulations

Florian Holze
Phone +49 5361 8 90 24 5-24
Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V


  • Tensile, compression and torsion tests on CFRP tubes, glued tube samples and components
  • Temperature chamber allows the recording of temperature-dependent characteristic values
  • Further possibilities exist in the characterization of adhesives as well as composite materials (static, fatigue)

Technical Data

  • Fmax. 250 kN; Mmax. 2000 Nm
  • Electromechanical
  • (0,0001 – 600 mm/min) consistently up to the nominal force
  • Rotation speed: 0,0002 – 2 U/min
  • Temperature chamber with a temperature range from: -70°C to 250°C
  • Additional lockable traverse for use of the second working space
  • Specimen grips for fibre composite tubes, max. Tube clamping diameter 35 – 80mm
  • Measuring card for output of measuring signals (force, moment, axial force and angle of rotation)
  • automatic force zero control
  • External set point specification

Technical Equipment