Dynamic Testing

High Strain Rate VHS System (Instron, VHS50/20)

Practical Relevance

  • Material testing (specimen, small parts) relating to failure behavior within crash
  • Determination of material data for simulation

Florian Holze
Tel. +49 5361 8 90 24 5-24
Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V


  • Chamber have a pane suitable for optical strain measurements as well as a closable opening for thermography measurements
  • Combinable with high velocity GOM- ARAMIS System to detect material deformation within testing

Technical Data

  • Tensile and puncture tests (40 kN)
  • Capable of velocities up to 20 m/s
  • Effective stroke 200 mm
  • Environmental chamber temperature range: -35°C to +180°C
  • Chamber test room geometry 350 x 350 x 400 mm³ (wxhxl)
  • Specimen grip for flat specimen from 0 to 4 mm thickness and up to 40 mm width, clamping length 36 mm

Technical Equipment