Multiaxial Fabric Machine

Practical Relevance

  • Production of hybrid semi-finished textile products with efficient use of cost-intensive carbon fibres according to the component load paths


Florian Holze
Tel. +49 5361 8 90 24 5-24
Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V

Technical Data

  • Production of near net shape, cut-off-reduced and force-flow-compatible textile semi- finished products
  • Development of large-scale warp and weft offset (K / S-V) technology (based on multi- axial fabrics)
  • Workable fibre materials: glass, carbon, basalt, aramid fibres
  • Workable fibre materials in the add-on modules: carbon and glass fibre
  • Product width: 65“ / 1651mm
  • Width of the registered fibre tape per layer: 7“ = 178mm
  • Laying speed 5m/min
  • Max. number of layers: 5
  • Laying angle: 45° to 90°