Textile Weaving Machine

Practical Relevance

  • Production of hybrid fabrics (combination of bioplastic-, natural-, glass-, carbon- and synthetic- polymer fibres)
  • Production of spacer- and multi-layer-fabrics


Florian Holze
Phone +49 5361 8 90 24 524
Open Hybrid LabFactory e.V

Technical Data

  • Double gripper weaving machine
  • Jacquard-unit
  • Weaving width: 50 cm
  • Spacer fabric with max. 40 mm distance
  • Spool racks for 3.456 coils
  • Designed for processing a wide variety of yarn types, such as hybrid yarns, conductive yarns and wires
  • Fabric development:
    • Flexible design of fabrics
    • Binding scheme, draping properties, anisotropy, mechanical fabric properties, surface weight, compatibility with matrix, price, sustainability