Institute of Joining and Welding

The Institut für Füge- und Schweißtechnik (ifs) concentrates on joining processes and the characteristic profile of joined components with a special focus on lightweight materials and construction methods.

About 70 employees research on joining and production techniques of lightweight structures as well as on high-strength and highly heat resistant materials. Besides a modern equipment for the realization of manufacturing processes, extensive analytics are availabe to support the choice and assessment of the manufacturing processes and to evaluate cases of damage. The experimental investigations are accompanied by process and structure simulations.

Research focus and connection to OHLF

The focal points of research and teaching at the OHLF are mainly to consider the connection of different materials in hybrid components, for examplethe form and/or firmly bonded connection of the polymere parts to the metallic structures, but also the bond between matrix and fibers in a fiber composite. In order to optimize the bond, the characteristics of the interfaces need to be determined and evaluated. In many cases, a surface treatment is necessary. This can be done in a mechanical, physical or chemical way. In addition, the processes need to be investigated and optimized. Here, the focus is on shortening process times and reaching a greater robustness of the processes. Furthermore, new test methods are established for a better description of the material behavior.

Scientific goals of research work

The permanent bond of plastic and metal or fiber requires a deep understanding regarding the interaction on an atomic or molecular level. Experiments with accompanying simulation offer the possibility to predict the behavior of material compounds under different influences. Local and highly resoluted computer tomography shall determine the behavior of materials in situ and material models shall be developed. This is the basis for an optimized numeric simulation of the manufacturing processes and component failures.

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