Institute for Engineering Design

Every technical system needs to comply with a variety of physical, human, economic and normative requirements.

The goal of the research work at IK is to supply approaches, methods and tools for the development of modern products that fulfill those various requirements. The IK looks back on a fifty-year research competence. In order to support the process from the idea to the product at its best, the institute develops task-specific approaches, methods and computer-based tools. Here, the spectrum ranges from the development of fundamental approaches to the conversion of the methods into industrial practice.

Research focus and connection to OHLF

In the work group ”Lightweight and Hybrid Construction“ the IK is doing research on the construction process of hybrid lightweight construction in automobile mass-production. The development of concepts for different construction methods is one deciding step in order to identify examples of application and potentials as well as to test novel developments. Thereby, the whole product creation is put into question and reviewed with the goal to establish new approaches in the product development and to generate innovative solutions. Further, the characterization of hybrid constructions and additive manufacturing for the early identification of product characteristics is pushed forward to estimate costs and weight at an early stage for comparison with conventional types of construction.

Scientific goal of research works

To develop complex products in a more efficient way in the future, the whole development process is considered. Methods can be derived to foster a systematic and effective development. Knowledge-based construction supports the design engineer in his activities, for example through catalogues with creation principles and construction recommendations plus algorithms for model creation. Optimization tools shall enable a profound component design in the early stages of development.

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