Institute of Machine Tools

and Production Technology

The research focus of the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology (IWF) are machine tools and manufacturing technologies as well assustainable production and life cycle Engineering.

Currently, about 60 scientific assistants are employed at the institute in different research projects, which are supported by public or industrial funding.  The IWF in its research laboratory in Braunschweig owns multiple modern machine tools, robot and gripper systems, extensive equipment for the analysis of material and energy flows as well as a considerable amount of measure and test equipment to analyze manufacturing processes.

Research focus and connection to OHLF

At its new and second location in the Open Hybrid LabFactory in Wolfsburg, the IWF gains access to the available research infrastructure. This partnership enables the IWF to widen its current research focuses to functionally integrated, material-hybrid leightweight components up to real size. A further goal is the life cycle oriented analysis and improvement of components and processes in line with the Life Cycle Design & Engineering Labs. In order to focus on those research contents in Wolfsburg, the department „Fertigung hybrider Bauteile“ was founded.

Scientific goal of research works

The goal of the IWF’s research activities in the Open Hybrid LabFactory is to develop and provide manufacturing processes for material-hybrid lightweight design applications that are capable for mass-production as well as economically and ecologically efficient. A special focus is on the combination of metallic and plastic manufacturing technologies in an integral manufacturing step according to the principle “One shot – one component”.

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