Working groups

Open Hybrid LabFactory working group meeting

At the semi-annual meetings of the Open Hybrid LabFactory (OHLF), about 150 representatives from industry and science are regularly present, in addition to a current status report on the OHLF, about ongoing regional links, such as the NFF: Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik in Brunswick and to inform about new national and international cooperation and cooperation projects (e.g. Asia-Pacific).

Furthermore, the working group meetings allow the participants to inform themselves about currently running publicly funded projects (about 24) and to exchange information. Depending on the project, demonstrator components manufactured by the project managers are presented or planned production processes are explained.

In addition to the holistic overview, the possibility of networking and a broad exchange of knowledge, the working group meetings offer a concrete choice of topics through their five working groups focusing on “Design and Simulation” (AK1), “Fiber, Matrix and semi-finished Products” (AK2), “Component Production and Automation” (AK3), “Component Quality and Test Methodology” (AK4) and
“Environment and Recycling” (AK5). In the individual working groups, new projects are acquired and presented on a topic-related basis but also interactive planning and orientation of the research projects are discussed. In particular, the participants of the working group meetings can contribute their own ideas and suggestions for future research projects through active exchange of experience.

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